The mission of the STOP AIDS Project, founded in 1984, is to develop and operate a community organizing project for self-identified gay and bisexual men in San Francisco, which seeks to reduce HIV transmission and reduce the adverse affects of the HIV epidemic on the community. STOP AIDS offers prevention discussion groups for gay and bisexual men on the topics of safe and unsafe sex, substance abuse, living as an HIV-positive or HIV-negative person, the importance of early treatment, and coping with loss and grief. In 1993, STOP AIDS developed two new types of meetings: a meeting for gay male couples, and a workshop-style meeting for men who are having difficulty with relapse and eroticization of safe sex. The STOP AIDS Project is widely credited with helping to make safe sex a community norm among gay and bisexual men in San Francisco in the mid and late-eighties.

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Last modified: February 24, 2011