Dr. Marguerita Lightfoot, Director of CAPS, and researchers from Emory University and the University of Missouri explored "positive life transformation" among women living with HIV through photo narratives.  Women living with HIV in three cities participated in interviews, group meetings and a photo exhibit. The product is inspiring and offers insight into women's motivation for making positive, healthy changes in their lives. This project may inform future interventions for women living with HIV.


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Lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) adolescents are at increased risk for substance use, relative to their heterosexual counterparts. Although previous research has demonstrated that experiences of anti-LGBT harassment, discrimination, and victimization may explain some of this disparity, little is known about the mechanisms whereby such mistreatment leads to substance abuse. Researchers utilized components of the Social Development Model to explore the link between substance use and harassment experienced by LGBT youth.

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The UCSF CAPS Visiting Professor Program provides scientists the opportunity to conduct  HIV prevention research in minority communities in the  Training Program for Scientists Conducting Research to Reduce HIV/STI Health Disparities. Are you ready to take your research to the next level? Applications are due January 16,2015.


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Engagement in medical care has a direct impact on the health outcomes of persons living with HIV, yet a comprehensive and practical measure of engagement in care does not exist. A recent publication by Dr. Parya Saberi and Dr. Mallory Johnson explores a novel way to define and measure engagement in care.

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