Program Activities

HLS consists of three types of interrelated interventions:

  1. Bar outreach and recruitment activities;
  2. Six-week initial discussion workshops with structured sessions designed to promote self-esteem, social support and sexual self-regulation; and
  3. A set of follow-up resources and activites targeted to the maintenance of safer sex behavior over time, including participation in ongoing peer support groups, specialized workshops and retreats, and access to individual risk reduction counseling services


We have developed culturally-sensitive materials to advertise the program in outreach and recruitment activities.

We are conducting recruitment with Latino gay/bisexual men at Latino-identified gay bars in the Mission district and surrounding areas in San Francisco and the Bay Area at large. Recruitment serves three purposes:

  1. An opportunity for communication and reflection about the impact of HIV and the practice of safer sex;
  2. Advertisement for the project; and
  3. Signing up participants for the group meetings.

Discussion workshops

We are conducting six-week initial discussion workshops, with 8-10 Latino gay/bisexual men each. Based on principles of empowerment education and psychospiritual growth work, the groups are facilitated by two Latino gay men professionals in a non-directive way to encourage participants’ critical reflection, self-observation and commitment to action with respect to cultural barriers and difficulties in the practice of safer sex.

Follow-up support

We provide ongoing social support to graduates of the six-week initial discussion workshops for the maintenance of safer sex practices over time in the form of

  • self-monitoring tools and strategies
  • ongoing weekly social support meetings for graduates of the six-meeting cycles
  • skills-building sessions, sexual abuse workshops, and weekend-long retreats also for graduates of the six-meeting cycles
  • one-on-one risk-reduction counseling for participants who need more individualized support
  • program update newsletters
  • social/artistic activities such as “Encuentros” for program graduates.

Last modified: February 7, 2011