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Friday, November 7th, 2014

CAPS Town Hall Presents: Judith Auerbach, PhD (12:00-1:00pm)

New Mission Bay location: Mission Hall — 550 16th Street @ 4th St. — 3rd Floor McKusick Conference Room (B3700)

Optimizing HIV Research at the National Institutes of Health

An increasingly constrained budget poses a challenge for all aspects of the NIH HIV/AIDS research response, and also offers an opportunity to reassess and focus scarce resources on the highest priorities in the field—those that are most likely to have the greatest population-level impact in the near- and long-term.  In an effort to optimize dedicated AIDS research resources, the Director of the NIH, Francis Collins, charged the Office of AIDS Research Advisory Committee (OARAC) with helping to identify priorities for the NIH in core areas of HIV/AIDS research for the immediate future (next 3-5 years). A Working Group comprised of several OARAC members and additional scientific and community experts was formed to undertake this charge, and its final report was presented at a public meeting of the Advisory Committee to the Director in June, 2014.

Dr. Judy Auerbach, who served as Executive Secretary to the Working Group, will present the key priorities and recommendations of the group, and will provide information about a second phase involving a portfolio analysis being undertaken by a second Working Group of the OAR.