Neal Burns, PhD

Neal Burns

Professor (Adjunct)
Professor and Director, Center for Brand Research,
Department of Advertising and Public Relations, the University of Texas at Austin

Prior to his entry into advertising and marketing, Burns was a physiological psychologist studying the effect of electrical stimulation and drugs on the central nervous system.  He then was asked and accepted an assignment from NASA and joined the Mercury, Gemini and Apollo research programs. Following that work he joined Honeywell, Inc. as Staff Scientist and then became Director of Marketing for its Systems and Research Division.Professor Burns was senior partner, headed new business and developed the Research and Account Planning Department at Carmichael Lynch, Inc. He joined the agency in 1986 when Carmichael Lynch and The Burns Group combined their resources and built an agency with a national reputation for their work on major American brands – among them Mack Truck, Sam Adams, Brown Foreman Brands, American Standard, Rollerblade, 3M and Harley- Davidson.When the partners sold Carmichael Lynch to the Inter Public Group Burns accepted the offer of a tenured professorship from the University of Texas at Austin. Currently his research focuses on the delivery of personally relevant messages using mobile devices for health improvement. He directs the Center for Brand Research and is on the board of advisors of several Austin based enterprises including Audiotoniq, RISE Austin, Rev WorldWide, and The Dell Social Innovation Challenge (DSIC).

Last modified: December 4, 2014