Amy Conroy, MPH, PhD

  • TAPS Fellow

Amy Conroy, MPH, PhD, received her Masters of Public Health (MPH) and PhD in Health and Behavioral Sciences from the University of Colorado Denver. Dr. Conroy’s research spans both domestic and international settings. For her MPH thesis, she worked with Dr. Jason Haukoos on a project involving an HIV screening program in a Denver emergency department. More recently, Dr. Conroy’s research focuses on social and behavioral responses to HIV/AIDS services, particularly HIV testing and antiretroviral therapy, in sub-Saharan Africa. For her dissertation, she received an NRSA pre-doctoral fellowship from the NIMH to conduct a mixed-methods study on how relationship factors, particularly power, shape young people’s decisions to test for HIV and disclose results to their sexual partners in rural Malawi. These data were collected alongside a longitudinal couples study on AIDS and reproduction called Tsogolo La Thanzi (Chichewa for “Healthy Futures”) in southern Malawi. Tangential to her interests in power, Dr. Conroy’s research also examines the association between relationship factors and intimate partner violence using a dyadic perspective. During the TAPS fellowship, Dr. Conroy hopes to build her dyadic analysis skills and couple expertise by working on a couple-based intervention in South Africa (the “Couples in Context” study), which aims to increase rates of couples testing and reduce sexual risk behavior in primary and secondary partnerships.

Last modified: September 13, 2013