2001 CDC HIV Prevention Conference

CAPS Presentations at the CDC HIV Prevention Conference, Atlanta, GA, August 12-15, 2001

Crosby GM, Ekstrand ML, Stall RD, Webster RD, Sniecinski K: Alcohol, Drug Use and Non-Adherence to HAART: The Challenges in HIV/AIDS Treatment (CHAT) Study

Darbes L, Kennedy GE, Peersman G, Zohrabyan L, Carson T, Gomez M, Rutherford GW: Systematic Reviews of HIV Behavioral Prevention Research in U.S. Minority Populations

Ekstrand ML, Crosby GM, Stall RD, Webster RD, Sniecinski K: Adherence to HAART among alcohol and recreational drug users in San Francisco: Challenges in HIV & AIDS Treatment (CHAT) Study

Evans JL, Page-ShaferK, Hahn JA, Lum PJ, Stein E, Moss AR: Gender differences in sexual and injection risk behavior among active younger injection drug users in San Francisco

Morin S, Remien R, Catz S, Lightfoot M, Chesney M: Medical Treatment Access and Adherence: Behaviors, Attitudes, and Meaning among a Diverse Sample of HIV-Seropositive Adults in Four U.S. Cities

Tholandi M, Kennedy GE, Rutherford GW: The Cochrane Collaborative Review Group on HIV Infection and AIDS: development of an international registry of biomedical HIV/AIDS prevention studies

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