Word on the Street – November 2016

“Word on the Street” is disseminated quarterly to inform CAPS/UCSF PRC of new developments, issues, programs, policy agendas, etc. that are happening in, affecting, and are of interest to the community.

In this issue:

  1. San Francisco EMA HIV Community Planning Council (HCPC)
  2. Oakland TGA Collaborative Community Planning Council (CCPC)
  3. California Department of Public Health Office of AIDS
  4. Get Screened Oakland and Global Network of Black People working in HIV

More Details:

Population: Drug Users, Gay Men and Men Who Have Sex with Men, HIV+, Transgender, Women, Youth
Category: Domestic, HIV Testing, Interventions, Policy, Technical assistance/Capacity-building
Resource Type: Reports and Monographs
Published: November, 2016