M+Implementation Resources

This PRC project is focused on evaluating the adaptation of the STYLE intervention, developed 10+ years ago in North Carolina, to a community-based clinic in Oakland, CA.

STYLE Materials

STYLE logoProject STYLE (Strength Through Youth Livin’ Empowered) was developed by Dr. Lisa Hightow-Weidman and team at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Centers for Infectious Disease. STYLE used a blend of community partnerships, flexible and responsive services delivery, and innovative outreach and social marketing to identify, engage, and retain HIV-infected young men of color in care.

APEB Materials

ABEB (AIDS Project East Bay) is a community-based AIDS Service Organization that offers outreach, education, support, and clinical services. For this adaptation project, they will enhance their client orientation and retention support activities using STYLE’s “Red Carpet” approach. APEB’s client

M+ Materials

APEB is calling their STYLE adaptation “M+.” They will develop social and standard marketing materials for the program. Clients who enroll in M+ will attend an orientation and educational session focused on health literacy and self advocacy skills. Participants may choose which social support programs to attend.

Crosswalk of Program Components

Activity Goal STYLE Elements APEB Programs/Services M+ New Activity
HIV Testing
  • Testing parties
  • Host incentives
  • Mobile HIV testing
  • Testing events (e.g. balls)
  • Outreach worker (colleges, bars, clubs, churches)
  • Partnerships with community-based organizations
  • Engaging partners of current participants
  • Outreach worker(s) (mobile van)
  • LGBT community events (e.g. Pride)
Social Marketing
  • Print media
  • Logo
  • Social networking
  • Program brochures
  • Website
  •  Updated program materials
Linkage and Case Management
  • Ryan White wrap-around support
  • HealthLink program
  • Insurance navigation support
  • Referrals for specialty services (e.g. mental health, substance abuse)
  • Referrals for housing, food services
  • M+ orientation session(s)
HIV Care
  • HIV Specialty Care Clinic
  • “Red Carpet” approach
  • Culturally competent
  • HIV Specialty Care Clinic
  • Community-based agency with staff and leadership from the community
  • Upgraded clinic space
  • Red carpet services
Adherence Support
  • Text message/appointment reminders
  • Text messaging reminders (part of EMR)
HIV Social Support
  • Client support group
  • HAPI (Having a Pozitive Impact)
  • Brotherz Connection
  • Get Real (Recovery, Empowerment, And Life) substance abuse support