Young Asian Men’s Study

NOTE: This study has ended.



The Young Asian Men’s Study (YAMS) is a federally-funded research project designed to evaluate the effects of a community-level intervention aimed at promoting safer sex behavior among young Asian & Pacific Islander (API) men who have sex with other men (MSM) aged 15-25.

YAMS outreach staff in San Diego, CA:
Francisco, John, Joe, Brian, Hai and Gabrielle.

Qualitative Research

During the first of two phases of the study, YAMS conducted qualitative research to learn more about young API MSM, their families, peers, and communities in Seattle, Washington and San Diego, California. Seattle was randomly designated the intervention site and San Diego the comparison site.

John picAs part of the qualitative research, we asked:

  • who did we talk to?
  • who are young API MSM in Seattle and San Diego?
  • where did they hang out?
  • how did they meet sex partners?
  • what put them at risk?
  • what situations made reducing the risk for HIV difficult?
  • how did they reduce their risk for HIV?
  • how can we intervene?

Find the answers to these question for Seattle and San Diego.

Intervention Components

YAMS launched a 5-component intervention in Seattle starting October 1999:

  • Capacity Building-to assist community partners in acquiring and redirecting resources and skills toward implementing intervention components and to enhance sustainability.
  • Social Marketing-to employ various forms of media to young API MSM and the broader community to disseminate risk reduction messages, promote positive norms for safer sex, and increase awareness in the project.
  • Community Health Advisors Network-to involve young API MSM and their peers to deliver HIV prevention messages to their peers, assist in linking their peers to services, and conduct intervention-related activities.
  • Social Events-to develop safe and fun spaces for young API MSM and their peers to get together, build a sense of community, and share HIV prevention messages.
  • Small Groups Workshops-to increase HIV prevention skills and enhance positive self-identity.

Data Collection

YAMS assessed individual and community changes made by the intervention by conducting surveys in Seattle and San Diego before, during, and after the intervention.


There are currently 18 staff on the YAMS study survey workers, researchers, and administrative personnel. Meet the YAMS staff.

Last modified: October 22, 2012