Health Information Intervention (HI)

Health Information Intervention (HI)

Participants in the HI intervention watched a 15 minute videotape and participated in a discussion about HIV transmission and condom use led by a health information officer. The HI intervention was designed to provide accurate information about how HIV is transmitted and how transmission can be prevented. At the end of the baseline visit participants received a supply of 25 condoms and a brochure describing correct condom use, and were invited to return for additional condoms at any time.

Based on a standardized script, each site developed and produced a videotape for the HI intervention using local models and language. In the standardized script, a couple comes to a counseling center to discuss their concerns about HIV and AIDS. An educator talks with both members of the couple about the definition of HIV and of AIDS, how HIV is and is not transmitted, and what they can do to prevent infection. In the script both members of the couple ask questions about the virus and about condom use and are given condoms to take with them as they leave.

The HI intervention was conducted by the health information officer. At each of the sites this job was filled by a health educator or nurse with HIV education experience. Although the HI intervention was originally planned to be a group intervention, in practice the intervention was often delivered to individuals and couples due to the limits of participant flow through the study center.

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Last modified: January 20, 2011