Enrollment Eligibility

Eligibility for enrollment was determined by a screener using a standardized eligibility worksheet. The screener first determined if the participant was seeking enrollment as an individual or as a couple. Age was determined by asking the volunteer’s age and year of birth. Unmarried participants had to be 18 years or older to participate; married volunteers were considered to be adults regardless of their age. Volunteers were also ineligible if they were not planning to remain in the area for at least one year.

Because the study was designed to test the effectiveness of counseling and testing in preventing new HIV infections, volunteers who had been tested and knew themselves to be infected with HIV were also ineligible for the study. These participants were referred for additional counseling or services as needed. Finally, the screener asked if the volunteer had a spouse or sexual partner already enrolled in the study. If so, the volunteer was not eligible to enroll but could receive services as a “secondary”. “Secondaries” were not enrolled participants, but could receive the same services as their enrolled partner. The same enrollment eligibility criteria were used at each site.

Last modified: February 7, 2011