Current and Past Visiting Professors

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Accepted in 2016

Kristina B. Hood, PhD
Assistant Professor
Department of African American Studies and Psychology
Mississippi State University

Tonia Poteat, PhD, PA-C, MPH
Assistant Professor
Department of Epidemiology
John Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health

Diane Santa Maria, DrPH, MSN, APHN-BC
Assistant Professor
School of Nursing
University of Texas Health Science Center

Glenn-Milo Santos, PhD
Assistant Professor
Department of Community Health Systems
University of California San Francisco

First year Visiting Professors at CAPS, Summer 2011  

Accepted in 2012

Marlon M. Bailey, PhD, MFA
Assistant Professor
Department of Gender Studies
Indiana University
Examining Black gay men’s raw sex practices with the aim to develop risk reductive, efficacious and culturally appropriate HIV/AIDS prevention strategies

Naomi M. Hall-Byers, PhD, MPH
Assistant Professor
Behavioral Sciences and Social Work
Winston-Salem State University
Using technology in HIV prevention with Black College Students

Carolette Norwood, PhD
Assistant Professor
Africana Studies
University of Cincinnati
Factors that improve and undermine HIV prevention for African-American women in urban communities

T. Alex Washington, PhD, MSSW, MA
Associate Professor
Social Work
California State University, Long Beach
A social networking intervention to increase HIV testing uptake among young Black men who have sex with men

Accepted in 2011

Sheldon Applewhite, PhD
Assistant Professor – Sociology
Social Sciences and Human Services Department
City University of New York- Borough of Manhattan Community College
HIV prevention for Black Same Gender Loving men in emerging and long-termed relationships

Jason Bird, PhD, MSW
Assistant Professor
Department of Social Work
Rutgers University-Newark
Reducing HIV/STI health disparities for African American men who have sex with men

Loida Bonney, MD, MPH
Assistant Professor of Medicine
Department of Medicine, Division of General Medicine
Emory University School of Medicine
Assistant Professor
Department of Behavioral Sciences Health Education, Rollins School of Public Health
Emory University
HIV prevention and treatment for African American women in the south

Angela Chia-Chen Chen, PhD, RN, PMHNP-BC
Associate Professor
College of Nursing and Health Innovation
Arizona State University
Understanding risk and resilience processes that affect mental and behavioral health among disadvantaged groups, in particular ethnic minority and immigrant youth

Maya Corneille, PhD,
Associate Professor
North Carolina A & T State University
HIV prevention interventions for young adult African Americans

Latrice C. Pichon, PhD, MPH
Assistant Professor
School of Public Health
The University of Memphis
Evaluation of faith-based HIV prevention initiatives serving African Americans

Second-Year Visiting Professors at CAPS, Summer 2011

Accepted in 2010

Alida Bouris, PhD, MSW
Assistant Professor
School of Social Service Administration
University of Chicago
Parents’ Role in Preventing HIV among Latino YMSM: Parent and Youth Perspectives

David Perez-Jimenez, PhD
Assistant Research Scientist
Institute for Psychological Research
University of Puerto Rico
Exploring the Relationship Dynamics in Young Adult Couples in Puerto Rico

LaRon Nelson, PhD, RN, FNP
Assistant Professor of Nursing
Lawrence S. Bloomberg Faculty of Nursing
University of Toronto
Hearing Young Parents’ Experiences (HYPE) Project: Exploring Young People’s Experiences as Co-Parents and Sexual Partners

Michelle Teti, PhD, MPH
Assistant Professor
Public Health: Community Health and Prevention
University of Missouri-Columbia
Picturing New Possibilities: Exploring the Use of Photovoice as a Tool of Empowerment and Change among Women Living with HIV/AIDS

Sinead Younge, PhD
Assistant Professor
Morehouse University
An Exploration of the Sexual Behaviors of Male Students Attending a Historically Black College

Accepted in 2007

Judith Cornelius, PhD
Assistant Professor
School of Nursing
University of North Carolina
HIV prevention among older African American women and the development of effective methods to teach nursing students to care of HIV-infected patients

Stacey B. Daughters, PhD
Assistant Professor
School of Public Health
University of Maryland, College Park
HIV risk behavior among inner-city African American adolescents

Fred Ssewamala, PhD
Associate Professor
Columbia University
Development and evaluation of HIV/AIDS prevention programs in the US and in Africa

Accepted in 2006

Vincent Guilamo-Ramos, LCSW, PhD
Associate Professor
School of Social Work
Columbia University
A community clinic partnership demonstrating social workers’ efficacy: A clinic-based intervention

Robert Miller, PhD
Associate Professor
School of Social Welfare
University of Albany
Exploring spiritual agency as a framework for HIV prevention in African American gay men

Leo Wilton, PhD
Assistant Professor
School of Education and Human Development
Binghamton University
Body attitudes and HIV risk behavior in Black gay and bisexual men

Accepted in 2005

Rocio Rivadeneyra, PhD
Associate Professor
Department of Psychology
Illinois State University
Influence of media on Latino adolescents’ sexual attitudes and behavior

Laura Romo, PhD
Associate Professor
Department of Education
University of California, Santa Barbara
Enhancing the protective potential of mother-daughter relationships in Latino families

Nelson Varas Diaz, PhD
Assistant Professor
Graduate School of Social Work
University of Puerto Rico
AIDS Stigma among health professionals in Puerto Rico: Intervention development

Scyatta Wallace, PhD
Assistant Professor
Department of Preventive Medicine
SUNY Downstate Medical Center
The Role of culture and context in HIV prevention among Black American youth

Accepted in 2004

Mark B. Padilla, MPH, PhD
Assistant Professor
University of Michigan
Structural, cultural, and interpersonal factors in HIV transmission among non-gay-identified Latino MSM and their partners in the urban U.S.

Dexter Voisin, PhD, LCSW
Assistant Professor
School of Social Service Administration
University of Chicago
Predictors of HIV-related behaviors among urban African American youth

Celeste Watkins, PhD
Assistant Professor
Sociology & African-American Studies
Institute for Policy Research Weinberg
Northwestern University
The social consequences of HIV/AIDS in African American communities: an ethnographic study

Accepted in 2003

John J. Chin, PhD
Senior Research
Office of Special Populations
The New York Academy of Medicine
New York Asian immigrant community institutions and HIV prevention

Sheldon D. Fields, PhD
Associate Professor of Nursing
School of Nursing
University of Rochester
Innovations in HIV prevention for a new generation of at risk young Black men who have sex with men

Wende E. Marshall, PhD
Assistant Professor
Anthropology & Carter G. Woodson Institute for African & African American Studies
University of Virginia
Interpreting epidemic: HIV/AIDS and rural Southern Black women

Lois M. Takahashi, PhD
Urban Planning Public Policy & Social Research
University of California, Los Angeles
The geography of HIV/AIDS in Asian Pacific Islander communities: Risk behaviors and organizational response

Accepted in 2002

Lauren E. Durant, PhD
Assistant Clinical Professor
Department of Psychiatry
Duke University Medical Center
Development of culturally relevant behavioral interventions that target low-income substance-dependent minority women

Sonja Feist-Price, PhD
Department of Special Education and Rehabilitation Counseling
University of Kentucky
African American men who identify as heterosexual and secretly have sex with men: An HIV-prevention intervention

David Malebranche, MD, MPH
Assistant Professor
Division of General Medicine, School of Medicine
Emory University, Atlanta
Manhood development and high-risk sexual behavior among Black men who have sex with men

Eric Whitaker, MD, MPH
Executive Vice President
Strategic Affiliations
Associate Dean of Community-based Research
University of Chicago Medical Center (UCMC)
HIV and the Black Church: Facilitators and barriers to HIV prevention

Accepted in 2001

Gauri Bhattacharya, DSW
Senior Lecturer
School of Social Work
Columbia University
Contexts of immigration and HIV risk: Asian Indians in the United States

Sonya Arreola Grant, PhD, MPH
Principal Investigator
San Francisco Department of Public Heath
HIV Research Section
Childhood sexual abuse and risky sexual behaviors among Latino gay men

Dorie J. Gilbert, PhD
Assistant Professor
School of Social Work
University of Texas
Young African American, HIV-affected daughters: A prospective assessment

Don Operario, PhD
Associate Professor
Bio Med Community Health
Social identity, stigma, and the social context for HIV risk and protective factors among young gay men of color

Blanca Ortíz-Torres, PhD, JD
Associate Professor
University of Puerto Rico
Normative beliefs, social networks and health-related outcomes among Puerto Rican HIV+ women

Accepted in 2000

Emma J. Brown, PhD
Associate Professor
School of Nursing
University of Central Florida
HIV-risk prevention in Southern rural African American women

Kimberly R. Jacob Arriola, PhD, MPH
Associate Professor
Department of Behavioral Sciences & Health Education
Emory University
HIV/AIDS and social inequality among African American women

Lynn F. Roberts, PhD
Assistant Professor
Hunter College Urban Public Health Program
City University of New York
Awareness and experience of oppression, dating violence and HIV-risk behavior among African American and Latino/a high school students

Accepted in 1999

Lisa Bowleg, PhD
Associate Professor
School of Public Health
Drexel University
Gender norms and power in relationships of Black women and men

Héctor Carrillo, DrPH
Associate Professor
Department of Sociology
Northwestern University
HIV prevention among Mexican men who come to the U.S. to enact homosexual behaviors

Hirokazu Yoshikawa, PhD
Associate Professor
Applied Psychology and Public Policy Department of Psychology
New York University
Social networks and their role in HIV prevention for Asian men who have sex with men

Accepted in 1998

George Ayala, PhD
AIDS Project Los Angeles
Race, class and unprotected sex among Latino gay men

Larry Gant, CSW, PhD
School of Social Work
University of Michigan
Interventions to reduce risk in African American drug users

Jesus Ramirez-Valles, MPH, PhD
Associate Professor
School of Public Health
University of Illinois-Chicago
Effects of volunteerism and activism on unsafe sex practices among Latino gay men

Deborah Ridley Brome, PhD
Associate Professor
Department of Psychology
University of Massachusetts, Boston
Sexual self characteristics in African American adolescents

Accepted in 1997

Faye Belgrave, PhD
Professor Director of Social Program
Director, Center for Cultural Experiences in Prevention
Virginia Commonwealth University
Sex and drug risk prevention interventions for African American adolescent females

Kurt Organista, PhD
Associate Professor
School of Social Work
University of California, Berkeley
HIV prevention in Mexican migrant workers

Darrell Wheeler, PhD, MPH
Associate Dean and Associate Professor
Hunter College School of Social Work
City University of New York
Physician-patient relationship and adherence to medication in HIV+ African American gay men

Maria Cecilia Zea, PhD
Professor of Psychology
George Washington University
Disclosure of HIV status in Latino gay and bisexual men











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