2008 Conference and Reunion

On February 7-8, 2008, CAPS hosted a two-day networking and mentoring conference for the Training Program for Scientists Conducting Research to Reduce HIV/STI Health Disparities. The conference brought together past and current program participants, past and current program faculty, and representatives from federal, state and private agencies that are funding HIV prevention research. The purpose of the conference was to explore the current state of science, community practice, funding and related policy regarding HIV prevention in disproportionately impacted minority communities. The conference provided a structured environment that facilitated idea exchange and promoted further collaborative and mentoring relationships among the participants.

See the profiles of the program faculty.


Thursday, February 7th

Registration, Continental Breakfast and Networking

Introductions/Opening Remarks/Logistics
Olga Grinstead, Outgoing Program Director
Tor Neilands and Diane Binson, Incoming Program Directors

Steve Morin, Center for AIDS Prevention Studies (CAPS) Director

David Stoff, National Institute of Mental Health, Conference and Program Funder
Susan Newcomer, National Institute of Child Health and Human Development, Program Funder


Panel 1: Current Issues in HIV Prevention for Adolescents of Color
Sonja Feist-Price, University of Kentucky
Vincent Guilamo-Ramos, Columbia University
Rocio Rivadeneyra, Illinois State University
Laura Romo, University of California Santa Barbara
Dexter Voisin, University of Chicago 

Panel Coordinator: Peggy Dolcini

Refreshment and Networking Break


Panel 2: HIV Prevention for Heterosexual Men and Women and Drug Users in Communities of Color
Lisa Bowleg, Drexel University
E.J. Brown, University of Kentucky
Judy Cornelius, University of North Carolina
Blanca Ortiz-Torres, University of Puerto Rico
Celeste Watkins-Hayes, Northwestern University
Larry Gant, University of Michigan 

Panel Coordinator: Cherrie Boyer

Networking Lunch (Seating by Topic Areas)
Brief Talk #1: Pursuing Balance in a Research Career (Rafael Diaz, Founding Program Co-Director, San Francisco State University)


Panel 3: HIV Prevention with MSM of Color
George Ayala, AIDS Project Los Angeles
Sheldon Fields, University of Rochester
Sonya Grant Arreola, San Francisco Department of Public Health
Robert Miller, University of Albany
Jesus Ramirez-Valles, University of Illinois-Chicago 

Panel Coordinator: Tor Neilands

Networking Break (Snacks and Soft Drinks)


Panel 4: Funding Agency Perspectives on HIV Prevention in Communities of Color
Program Funders:
Susan Newcomer, National Institute of Child Health and Human Development
David Stoff, National Institute of Mental Health 

Other Agency Representatives:
Aria Crump, National Institute of Drug Abuse
Kandy Ferree, National AIDS Fund
Martha Hare, National Institute of Nursing Research
Ann O’Leary, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
Monica Ruiz, AmFAR

Panel Coordinator: Olga Grinstead

Scientific Speed Dating

Brief Talk #2: A New Perspective on Behavior Change: What Spirituality and 12-Step Programs Can Teach Us (Barbara Marin, Founding Program Director)
Friday, February 8th

Continental Breakfast and Networking

Brief Talk #3: The Role of Policy Research in HIV Prevention (Judy Auerbach, San Francisco AIDS Foundation, Director of Policy Research)

Panel 5: The Context of HIV Prevention in Communities of Color: Stigma, Policy and Institutional Issues
John Chin, City University of New York
Wende Marshall, University of Virginia
Mark Padilla, University of Michigan
Nelson Varas-Diaz, University of Puerto Rico
Kimberly Jacob Arriola, Emory University

Panel Coordinator: Judith C. Barker

Refreshment and Networking Break

Panel 6: A Facilitated Discussion of the Future of HIV Prevention in Communities of Color
Peggy Dolcini, Oregon State University
David Malebranche, Emory University
Lynn Roberts, City University of New York
Maria Cecilia Zea, George Washington University
Scyatta Wallace, SUNY Downstate Medical Center

Héctor Carrillo (Presenter and Panel Facilitator), San Francisco State University

Networking Lunch (Seating with Funders and Speakers)
Brief Talk #4: Dissemination Guidelines for Research Findings in HIV Prevention (Daniel Bao, CAPS Community Advisory Board)

Town Hall Meeting: Lessons Learned, Next Steps, Dissemination Plan

Panel Summaries, Panels 1-6: [Five minutes per panel - panels please designate presenters]

Discussion of Lessons Learned and Future Directions

Presentation and Discussion of Proposed Conference Dissemination Plan
Next Steps

Session Facilitator: Olga Grinstead

Closing Ceremony/Adjournment/Evaluation Forms

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