Outreach Expansion Program

Although often stereotyped as a low-risk, “model minority” group, APIs are often underserved in terms of health care. Due to underreporting, as well as immense diversity among API groups, there is little data on behavioral and health risks, especially concerning HIV. Only the states of California, Hawaii, and New Mexico, and the local health departments of Los Angeles, San Francisco, Oakland, and New York City report AIDS cases among APIs by ethnicity/national origin, making the collection of information incredibly difficult. Yet, APIs are just as susceptible to HIV as other racial or ethnic groups and report higher rates of many diseases strongly associated with HIV, such as tuberculoses and hepatitis-B.

In response to this void in API research, TEPOT aims to integrate both substance abuse and HIV prevention outreach efforts for Asian and Pacific Islanders. It provides API communities in the San Francisco, San Mateo, and Santa Clara Counties with needs assessments and referrals to health and other social services.

Outreach is two-fold: Health Educators conduct interviews to gain more knowledge of the needs and behaviors of the community, while also serving as bridges between participants and local agencies.


We are looking for people to participate in an interview about health behaviors. The interview can be arranged to fit your schedule and we can meet at a place of your convenience, such as a coffee shop or school campus.

We are targeting specific populations for this research. We would like to screen you before the interview. Please call or email us for more details!

All of the information you provide us with will be used solely for research purposes and is strictly confidential.

Last modified: January 20, 2011