Using input from patients, STD clinic providers, and community advisory boards, we successfully developed a video-based structural intervention: Safe in the City: A 23-minute soap-opera style video.

  • 3 interwoven dramatic stories depicting different sexual risk situations
  • Designed to capture attention in busy clinic waiting rooms (visual appeal, music, humor, animation)
  • Includes 2 entertaining animation segments:
    • condom variety and selection
    • condom use instructions
  • Posters in waiting and exam rooms provide visual reinforcement and highlight key messages.

Core theoretical constructs (e.g., positive outcome expectancies, peer modeling, intentions to use condoms) were grouped into three inter-connected elements:

  1. increased risk knowledge and perception,
  2. positive attitudes toward condoms and condom use, and
  3. increased condom skills and self-efficacy for negotiation, acquisition, and use of condoms.

Among the key messages the team planned to portray were

  1. there are effective, positive, and appealing ways that people can initiate and negotiate condom use to address barriers, and
  2. everyone is at risk for acquiring HIV and other STDs, some of which are incurable.

condom animation

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Last modified: February 7, 2011