Capacity Building Assistance (CBA)

Using a culturally and linguistically competent approach to all capacity building assistance (CBA) services, CAPS partners with transgender communities, communities of young gay and bisexual men, and communities impacted by incarceration to build their ability to mobilize and increase access to and utilization of HIV prevention services. To provide CBA to community-based organizations (CBOs) and communities, we develop collaborative relationships with members of racial and ethnic minority groups and others at high risk for HIV, and with agencies and professionals working within these communities.

CBA for CBOs

The Mpowerment Project — a three-day experiential training and customized technical assistance (TA), implementation and adaptation materials including web-based multimedia, individual work plan development, ongoing individual post-training support, and support for Mpowerment Project adaptations.

The Transitions Project — individualized CBA for CBOs adapting evidence-based interventions (EBIs) for transgender populations, transgender adaptation toolkits and training, and training to build HIV-prevention competency within the transgender community.

Street Smart — training and TA to successfully implement and adapt Street Smart programs for youth engaging in high-risk behaviors.

Monitoring and evaluation — materials, online or in-person training, and individualized CBA services on monitoring and evaluation.

Project START and other EBIs for correctional settings — TA on organizational readiness assessments, customized work plan development, evaluation planning and design, ongoing post-training support, and specialized assistance for working with incarcerated populations and within correctional settings.

CBA for Communities/Community Mobilization

CATCH — Coalitions in Action for Transgender Community Health (CATCH) is an evidence-based model developed by the UCSF Center of Excellence for Transgender Health to mobilize transgender communities and service providers within California. Implemented through the CoE, CATCH develops coalitions with transgender community members and providers to strengthen community access to and utilization of HIV prevention services. CBA services include providing leadership, support, training, and TA to communities to (1) adopt, adapt, and implement the CATCH community mobilization model and (2) develop and test their own community mobilization models.

MPM — the Mpowerment Project Movement (MPM) strengthens young gay and bisexual male communities’ access to and utilization of HIV-prevention services by diffusing the Mpowerment Project (MP) and assisting young men to join existing MPs or advocate for the implementation of the MP in their community. CBA services include training, TA, and adaptation toolkits to CBOs and young men who have sex with men regarding the adoption, start-up, and adaptation of the MP mobilization model.



To access CBA services, please contact us at

Center for AIDS Prevention Studies
Mission Hall
550 16th Street, 3rd Floor
San Francisco, CA 94158
UCSF Mail Code 0886

For transgender population–specific CBA, contact
Luis Gutierrez-Mock at the address above or call
415-476-6277 or email

Last modified: November 4, 2014