Reframing Mpowerment for African Americans

This project strives to understand the process African American CBOs undergo to put research-based HIV prevention interventions into practice.

We conducted interviews with 10 capacity-building or other technical assistance (TA) providers for African American CBOs to discuss barriers and facilitators to implementing and maintaining research-based interventions. We will use these findings to refine an interview instrument used in the next phase.

We conducted telephone interviews with 35 persons from three types of African American CBOs: those serving the general African American population, CBOs serving young African American men who have sex with men (MSM), and faith-based organizations implementing HIV prevention interventions. A minimum of 20 of the 35 CBOs focused on MSM. The interviews sought to gain insight on the organizational, utilization, and attitudinal issues that may facilitate or impede the implementation of research-based HIV prevention programs at African American CBOs. The interviews with CBOs working with young African American MSM also investigated the providers’ “intuitive models” for why some young African American MSM engage in unsafe sexual practices.

Please see the presentation from the 2006 CAPS Conference, Adapting a proven intervention for African American MSM: The Mpowerment experience.

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Last modified: September 8, 2011