Caregiving Burden


The term `caregiving’ means, literally, giving care. Maternal caregivers will be, for the most part, `informal’ in that they are not paid for the care that they provide. The work might take the form of practical, everyday help such as grocery shopping, housekeeping, feeding, bathing, or providing transportation. Caregiving may also involve technical, skilled care such as administering injections, caring for IV’s, cleansing wounds, keeping track of medications. Caregivers are generally depended upon to interact with the health care system and the insurance system. Most often a caregiver will provide emotional and social support as well.

Please see CAPS Fact Sheet 18E “Are informal caregivers important in AIDS care?”

Caregiving burden

We define caregiving burden as the extent to which the caregiver is bothered by caregiving-related disruptions. The disruptions may have to with work, privacy, free time, relationships, goals and plans for the future.

Last modified: February 7, 2011