Latino Men’s Study

PI: Gabriel R. Galindo, DrPH, MPH, CHES

Project Staff: Abel Gonzalez, MS

Project description

Literature on risk has historically focused on individual behavior (e.g., “How many partners have you had? How often do you use a condom?”); however, recent studies have begun to recognize the need to acknowledge the social and sexual context of risk behavior. For example, studies have examined the role of partner preferences, sexual situations, partner selection, sexual stereotypes, and, most recently, seroadaptive behaviors. Additionally, studies of sexual risk behaviors integrate social influences that may impact sexual negotiations (e.g., homophobia, sexual silence, cultural influences). Building from this body of literature, the PI has introduced the term of “partner management” to describe a process in which men initiate behaviors to maximize their sexual pleasure and minimize the risk involved. We will conduct 36 in-depth interviews with participants to explore the partner management processes of Latino MSM.

The specific research aims of this study are as follows:

  • Understand the factors (social, cultural, psychological) that influence partner management among Latino MSM
  • Describe the impact of acculturation processes (sexual scripts, cultural values, negotiated identities) of Latino MSM
  • Characterize the ways in which Latino MSM negotiate socio-sexual situations


Latino MSM constitute one of the most vulnerable groups in the US for the transmission of HIV. Latino MSM have disproportionately high rates of unprotected anal intercourse as well as high rates of HIV infection. Research has shown that HIV programs are effective when they link HIV prevention to the fulfillment of other, non–HIV-specific, pressing psychosocial needs. However, to date, the CDC’s Compendium of Evidence Based Interventions does not include an HIV prevention program that is specific to the needs of Latino MSM. This formative study recognizes and addresses the call for HIV interventions that contextualize the lives of Latino MSM and the need to understand the process by which these men find themselves in sexual situations. As such, this study aims to gain critical insights into the partner management process of Latino MSM as well as the impact of acculturation processes of the population.

Project materials

Last modified: October 23, 2012