Under the direction and supervision of the Principal Investigator (PI) and the Project Director (PD), the Interviewer / Recruiter will conduct data collection and participant recruitment activities for the DuoPACT study. DuoPACT is a five-year NIH-funded randomized clinical trial of a behavioral intervention to improve engagement in HIV care for same-sex male couples.

The Interviewer / Recruiter’s primary responsibilities will be
1) data collection: conducting phone screenings, scheduling and conducting consent protocols and survey interviews, accompanying participants on phlebotomy visits, maintaining participant files;
2) participant recruitment: developing and implementing outreach activities and recruitment strategies, preparing and distributing outreach materials, developing and maintaining referral options for ineligible participants, maintaining the study’s recruitment database, providing recruitment reports to the project team; and
3) other assessment-related duties as assigned by the PI and PD, e.g., assisting with survey testing, performing data entry, cleaning and coding data, attending and participating in assessment team meetings.

This position requires a strict adherence to protocols and safety guidelines, with an emphasis on organizational skills and meticulous attention to detail. In addition, the successful candidate must possess a warm and nonjudgmental manner, and consistently demonstrate interpersonal tact, discretion, and sensitivity when interacting with study participants. These different job aspects are unique processes requiring specific experience and skill sets, and the Interviewer / Recruiter must blend and balance all areas to ensure the successful completion of research data collection and outcomes.

Due to a high number of interested applicants, we request including a compelling cover letter in lieu of direct department inquiries.

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Research Specialist

Seeking a Research Specialist to assist on an NIH/NIDA-funded project to test the feasibility and acceptability of a peer-led intervention for incarcerated transgender women who are preparing for release into the community. This employee would report directly to the Project Director of the study. The individual will work with the research team to recruit (pre-release from custody) and track participants for the study and will facilitate individual intervention sessions with participants, including linkage to services and resources.

The individual will work in the San Francisco County Jail and in the community conducting outreach to transgender women and the community-based agencies that serve them to provide information about the study, screen participants for eligibility, schedule participants for intervention sessions and assessments, and track participants for follow-up sessions and assessments. They will prepare and facilitate individual intervention sessions with participants using a structured manual and be a Petty Cash Custodian for participant incentives.

The Specialist will also assist with other study activities as needed, such as communicating with Community Advisory Board members, assisting with meeting preparation and coordination, attend all mandatory staff meetings, attend relevant conferences and transgender community initiatives.

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Research Administration Manager

Reporting directly to the Division Manager, the Research Administration Manager (RAM) serves as the faculty’s single point of contact for post-award research/financial administration and ensures faculty are provided with quality, efficient, responsive, and responsible post- award research administration services. The RAM conducts the entire scope of post-award management services for a variety of award mechanisms, including government and private grants, and contracts.

The RAM plays a significant, proactive, and creative role to facilitate and expedite the integration, communication, and coordination of all information and activities related to research administration; is responsible for the post-award management of research projects; prepares monthly financial reports; forecasts funding needs; develops contracts/subcontracts; performs online journals and payroll transfers; advises on research and accounting policies, audit compliance, and University guidelines; adheres to grant and UCSF policies. The RAM is responsible for monitoring the award budget, revenue and cost allocation by working with the various in-house applications including, but not limited to, Research Administration System (RAS), BearBuy, MyReports, ERS, and other Financial Reporting tools; analytical judgment to adhere to sound internal controls and comply with SAS 115 and compliance guidelines established by the University and sponsors requirements.

The RAM must possess good working knowledge of federal requirements and guidelines in extramural fund management, effort reporting and salary cap; excellent interpersonal skills to interact effectively and diplomatically with faculty, fellows, cross-functional managers, administrators and staff; well-developed communication skills both verbally as well as written communication; act as the primary contact for correspondence between the Principal Investigator (PI) and the funding agency; be self-directed and have the ability to follow through on assignments with accuracy and minimal direction. They RAM is responsible for providing direct supervision and professional development to two full-time Research Financial Analysts (RFA) and one full-time Financial Services Analyst.

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