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Social Discrimination and Health: The Case of Latino Gay Men and HIV Risk (July 12, 2001)
By Rafael M. Díaz and George Ayala

This groundbreaking study issued by the Racial and Economic Justice Initiative of the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force, documents the correlation between three forms of social oppression – homophobia, racism and poverty – with the risk-taking behavior associated with HIV transmission.

Discriminacion Social y la Salud: El Caso de los Hombres Latinos Homosexuales y el Riesgo de Infeccion por HIV (July 12, 2001)
By Rafael M. Díaz y George Ayala

Este estudio innovador, publicado por la Iniciativa de Justicia Racial y Economia de el National Gay and Lesbian Task Force, documenta la correclación entre tres formas de opresión — social, homofobia, racismo y pobreza — con comportamientos de riestgto asociados con la transmisión del VIH. [Spanishversion; English version]

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Latino Gay Men and HIV discusses the six main sociocultural factors in Latino communities — machismo, homophobia, family cohesion, sexual silence, poverty and racism–which undermine safe sex practices. This work is based on focus group and individual interviews in the United States, as well as a thorough and integrative review of the current literature.

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