Information for Participants

If you are Latino and Gay,Bisexual, or Transgender
Come to share your experience with us…The only person missing is you!
We invite you to discover all that we have in common!
Dinner is served and all that’s needed is for you to join our gatherings.

Our Program

  • Hermanos de Luna y Sol is a program for Spanish-speaking Latino gay and bisexual men consisting of six-session meetings where we share our experiences in relation to specific areas in our lives.
  • Some of the topics we address include relations with family, our sexuality, sociocultural factors that impact our lives, and how the HIV/AIDS epidemic has affected us.
  • Regardless of your country of origin, HIV status, personal history, and interests, your experience is extremely important. Hermanos de Luna y Solhas as its objective to create and strengthen a community that is conscious, healthy, motivated, and active. In this community everyone is welcome and appreciated for who we really are.
  • After participating in the initial six sessions of the Program, you will be able to join the “graduates” group, which meets weekly. This group provides continuous and stable support for the exchange of experiences and dialogue among participants. It is designed to facilitate our personal growth and realization.
  • In addition to attending these groups, you may call us or visit us to share with us what is happening in your life.
  • Hermanos de Luna y Sol includes a group for youth between 14 and 25 years. We also have a volunteer component to facilitate the provision of our services. Volunteers help to promote the Program and to organize special events and the social and artistic Encuentros that take place every six weeks.
  • If you are HIV positive, Hermanos de Luna y Sol can also meet your specific needs.

We hope that you decide to be part of our family and enrich our community by sharing your experiences and talents!

At Hermanos de Luna y Sol

  • We choose a better life.
  • We learn from everything and everyone.
  • We utilize life’s challenges to grow.
  • We respect one another.
  • We celebrate that in each part of our bodies there is health and energy.
  • We commit to know ourselves and others better, without judgment.
  • We affirm that a life full of joy, integrity, and fulfillment is our right.
  • We commit to love ourselves and do what is truly good for us.
  • We utilize our words and actions to help and take care of others.
  • We forgive the people who have hurt us.
  • We affirm our braveness and the miracle of our existence.
  • We recognize that each day is precious.
  • We open ourselves to the present.

For more information about Hermanos de Luna y Sol, or if you are interested in participating or being a volunteer, you may visit us at Clínica Esperanza in Mission Neighborhood Health Center, in San Francisco, CA., 240 Shotwell, at 16th. St., Room 231 or call us at 415 621-2935.

Testimonies of program participants

Last modified: February 7, 2011