These quotes are taken from the journals students kept as part of the peer helping class.

HIV knowledge

“Until this class, I didn’t know how serious AIDS is. It could kill all of us unless we stop it.”

“Before this class I thought HIV/AIDS was something only gay people got, then I learned that anybody could get it, especially young people. That scared me at first, but then I knew I had to wake up and smell the coffee because I have to protect myself and keep myself healthy.”


“Since I had this class, I know that abstinence is important. Not that I would have been ready to have sex before, but now I know what could have happened.”

“This class has helped me. If I am in situation where I am being pressured (to do something risky), I know what to do.”

“(Without Peer Helping class) I probably would have done worse in school.”

“The only reason I come to school is to come to Peer Helping class.”


“Now my friends, family and the seventh graders look up to me and that makes me feel good because I know that I have taken the right step forward.”

“My self-esteem has improved. I feel much more confident now and it seems my attitude has also changed. I know how to handle my emotions better. I can express my feelings and thoughts easier and I seem to feel better more often now.”

“My family really supports me taking Peer Helping. Most of them thought by age 10 I would be in jail or dead.”

“Being a Peer Helper has made my relatives think I am more responsible because I took on the challenge of teaching.”

Career Plans

“I have thought about teaching as a future career and this class has helped with my decision.”

“If there is a time in the future when there’s a shortage of AIDS educators, I will be there.”

Last modified: February 7, 2011