Specialist, Capacity-Building Assistance (CBA) (Full-time)


UCSF provides Capacity Building Assistance (CBA) to increase the skills, infrastructure, and resources of organizations conducting HIV prevention. Our CBA program includes trainings, technical assistance (TA), and other technology transfer services.

This CBA Specialist position is a high-level, critical component of a project funded by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and is part of an overall CDC strategy to design and promote scientifically-based HIV/STI intervention campaigns nationwide. The CBA Specialist must use skills as a seasoned, experienced public educational program professional to resolve a wide range of educational program issues and needs assessments.

The CBA Specialist develops new public educational programs, and works on complex public educational programs of diverse scope. This position needs to be able to work with a wide range of Community Based Organization (CBO) staff and management during CBA provision in a wide range of situations in typically challenging environments. CBA provision may be offered in person during trainings and site visits or over e-mail and phone. Proficient CBA Specialist must ascertain issues staff are facing with respect to implementing one of a wide variety of interventions for a range of different target populations—including the transgender community, identify and present strategies that address those issues, and at the same time develop and maintain rapport with the CBO personnel. This is complex because at the very same time the CBA Specialist has to probe and identify where and how problems are occurring – problems the staff at the agency may or may not wish to reveal and discuss – the CBA provider must also develop trust with the CBA recipients.

The CBA Specialist demonstrates good judgment in selecting methods and techniques for delivering presentations and educational programs. Receives general instructions and exercises judgment in selecting methods and techniques for course and instructional improvement. This person must make decisions on the fly based upon an array of often conflicting data. These decisions are often made in the field during site visits, trainings and assessments without immediate input from the Principal Investigators (PIs), therefore the candidate must be able to work with a great deal of autonomy. The outcomes of the CBA Specialists’ actions are tied directly to the success or failure of this project’s goals and carry with them a great deal of authority. The CBA Specialist speaks on behalf of the project, of Center for AIDS Prevention Studies (CAPS) and as an agent of the CDC to promote its mission to disseminate Evidence Based Interventions (EBIs) nationwide. Actions committed by the CBA specialist having negative consequences can rarely be undone.

The CBA Specialist is fully knowledgeable in course subject matter and program. CBA provision will focus on building the organizational capacity of community providers to implement, monitor, evaluate and sustain the delivery of comprehensive and integrated HIV prevention services for high-risk and/or racial/ethnic minority populations. CBA services provided must be consistent with state-of-the-art HIV prevention approaches, CDC-supported strategies, and published CDC guidance and recommendations implemented by organizations targeting high-risk and/or racial/ethnic minority populations with a particular focus on transgender individuals.

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Last modified: August 10, 2016