A specific aim of the Prevention with Positives Initiative is to synthesize and disseminate findings from participating demonstration projects. EPPEC facilitates the achievement of this aim by coordinating a process that will support investigators in conceiving and developing products for dissemination. Products include scientific papers, guides for replicating successful interventions, posters for presentation at professional meetings and other materials. To facilitate dissemination, EPPEC provides guidance regarding authorship and use of results with a study-wide dissemination policy protocol; convenes a Publications and Disseminations Committee to provide a mechanism for coordination of effort across sites; and, coordinates scientific peer review for initiative-related papers, reports, and other products.

Dissemination Activities

Dissemination Policy Protocol

To ensure accurate reporting, collaborative development and protection of confidentiality and to facilitate timely dissemination of results, EPPEC has distributed a protocol regarding authorship and use of study-related results to all Grantees. The protocol provides guidance regarding: appropriate use of cross-site and individual site data; development of manuscripts; authorship; peer review; suggested language for acknowledgements; and other elements critical to dissemination.

Publications and Dissemination Committee

EPPEC has convened a Publications and Dissemination Committee (P&D Committee) comprised of site principal investigators, SPNS and EPPEC to facilitate collaboration across EPPEC, SPNS and study sites. The Committee is co-chaired by EPPEC’s principal investigator and one site principal investigator elected by Committee members.

The Committee provides a mechanism for sharing expertise and experience with writing and publishing, and regarding issues of scientific integrity. The Committee facilitates timely dissemination of implementation and outcome findings, fosters cross-site collaboration, and reduces duplication of effort across sites. As a first task, the Committee will meet to discuss the dissemination policy protocol and produce guidelines for its use across sites. The Committee will also develop a dissemination plan to anticipate the best use of study data.

A key function of the P&D Committee is to facilitate collaboration across sites in the development of papers, presentations and guides. The P&D Committee assists interested authors in connecting with others and assists publication teams in the production of high quality products. EPPEC is responsible for taking the lead on comprehensive cross-site papers involving all sites. Individual investigators may wish to seek collaborators from other sites on particular questions of interest.

Peer Review

An additional key function of the P&D Committee is to provide access to peer review of all products resulting from this initiative. Products are reviewed by P&D Committee members and other experts as deemed necessary.

Last modified: January 20, 2011