Postponing sexual activity involves a number of skills, and the Draw the Line/Respect the Line curriculum focuses on these. First, youth need clear boundaries, that is, they must know what they want and don’t want to engage in and feel empowered to insist on it. Second, they need strong, personalized reasons for postponing sexual activity. Third, they need a realistic awareness of the difficulties they may encounter in maintaining their boundaries. And finally, they must have the interpersonal skills to maintain their boundaries despite pressure from others. Of course, it would be much easier for youth to postpone sex if they did not experience pressure from others. So the curriculum also focuses on the importance of respecting the boundaries of others.

The curriculum consists of 20 lessons given to sixth, seventh and eighth graders. Specially trained educators who are comfortable with the topic of sex provide the lessons. These educators are also providing “office hours” or time outside of the classroom to meet with students individually or in small groups. Both components are important in helping us meet our objectives.

The curriculum is designed to help students achieve five objectives:

  1. to know their personal sexual limit;
  2. to identify their motivation for that limit;
  3. to identify threats to their limit;
  4. to use interpersonal skills to maintain their sexual limit; and
  5. to respect the limits of others.

The currciulum is available through ETR publishing.

Last modified: February 7, 2011