Developing an HIV Prevention Curriculum at the University of Puerto Rico

Three UCSF investigators — Drs. Cherrie Boyer in Adolescent Medicine, Janet Myers from CAPS, and Carol Dawson Rose from ITECH and the School of Nursing — are serving as consultants to investigators at the University of Puerto Rico as they develop an HIV prevention curriculum that will be folded into the regular medical school course lineup.

Because of the high prevalence of HIV in Puerto Rico — particularly among young people and injection drug users — UPR investigators initiated this project.

Once the curriculum is in place, UPR hopes that all medical graduates will become

  • sensitive to the impact that HIV/AIDS has on individual and community health;
  • concerned for his or her role as a health professional to intervene with effective prevention; and
  • knowledgeable and skillful to provide adequate risk assessment and effective prevention in HIV/AIDS.

One of the co-investigators on the UPR team is Dr. Nelson Varas Diaz, who was once a CAPS visiting scholar.

The curriculum is in development and will be piloted with students in 2012.

The project is funded by the Office of AIDS Research at the NIH; Dr. Clemente Diaz Perez is the principal investigator.

Last modified: October 22, 2012