Health Promotion for HIV+ Inmates

We developed a two-week, eight-session intervention for HIV-seropositive inmates preparing to be released from prison. The interactive intervention sessions were conducted by members of the Centerforce staff and representatives of other community based agencies (see sample agenda below). Sessions covered topics related to health and well-being, reducing HIV transmission risks and reducing recidivism to prison. The final sessions were Resource Fairs in which community providers came to the prison to link inmates preparing for release with specific community services. The goal of this program was to emphasize living with HIV rather than dying of AIDS, and to develop skills necessary to link-up with HIV service providers upon release from custody. Evaluation results supported the program’s efficacy in reducing risk behavior and increasing utilization of community-based resources after release from prison. (Grinstead O, Zack B, Faigeles B, Grossman N, Blea L. Reducing post-release HIV risk among male prison inmates: a peer-led intervention. Criminal Justice and Behavior, 1999, Vol. 26, p. 453-465)

Health Promotion Program: Sample Agenda (1998)

Session 1 Introduction/AIDS 101 Centerforce
Session 2 Treatment Update Project Inform
Session 3 Substance Use and HIV Transmission Risk AIDS Health Project
Session 4 Sexuality and HIV STOP AIDS Project
Session 5 Health Maintenance/Nutrition Project Open Hand
Session 6 Turning Pain to Power San Mateo AIDS Program
Session 7 Resource Fair – Part 1 Various HIV-related agencies
Session 8 Resource Fair – Part 2 Various HIV-related agencies

Last modified: February 7, 2011