Quotes from Bay Men

“Good food. Good discussion. Lots of nice guys.”

“I was tremendously impressed by these HIV+ men willing to share themselves so professionally with us other HIV+ men.”

“It made me feel not so isolated. Bay Men made me re-think situations I get myself into and come up with alternative solutions.”

“Experience was quite enjoyable. Met new people and learned quite a bit about things. I recommend this to every gay man, especially men of color.”

“Although my experience with Bay Men was limited by my full-time student status, I found it to be a very positive experience for me (and probably all HIV+ men). It was great to have the mix of social therapeutic information that characterized it for me. Keep up the good work!”

“Bay Men allowed me to see where I was in relation to other HIV+ men’s attitudes and behavior. Thanks Bay Men.”

“I was designated to the ‘one meeting’ group. I left with some valuable information regarding several topics. Thank you!”

“You just might be surprised by what you really feel and think about your sexual behaviors.”

“I found the people to be very supportive and positive…also helpful when I had questions.”

“The study was very good for me because it has made me think much deeper about ‘safe sex’ and to also stay more informed. Thanks….”

“I really liked the fact that all the group leaders admitted to be HIV+ from the first day, it made them seem much more in touch with our thoughts and issues. But what I liked best about the program was the educational entertainment. Its a great program and I wish I could go through it again.”

“Great events. Learned a lot. Had fun!!”

“Worth it.”

“I really am grateful for having been chosen to participate in this study. I have really changed the way I approach sex and relationships. Also, I made a new good friend.”

“What I liked most about Bay Men was that it brought together a diverse group of HIV+ gay men to talk about a variety of issues that affect all of us in one way or another – this kind of insight was valuable.”

Last modified: January 20, 2011