Wilson Vincent, PhD, MPH

Wilson Vincent, PhD, earned his doctorate in clinical and community psychology at Georgia State University and completed a predoctoral fellowship at Yale University School of Medicine.  Both programs are accredited by the American Psychological Association.  His research has focused on implementation of NIMH- and state-funded AIDS prevention interventions designed to address the needs of culturally and sexual-orientation-diverse persons at high risk for HIV infection and HIV-positive persons.  In addition, he has examined the role of HIV-related shame in the health outcomes of persons living with HIV/AIDS.  During his graduate training, he used quantitative models to study the enactment of stigma toward sexual minorities. In this NIAAA-supported research, he investigated contributing factors such as HIV stigma, alcohol consumption, and adherence to traditional gender norms.  During his postdoctoral fellowship training, he plans to work on projects related to racial, ethnic and sexual-minority health and health disparities, including the health needs of African American gay and bisexual men and MSM. Wilson will pursue a Masters in public health at UC Berkeley during his first year of training.

Last modified: September 7, 2016