Ritu Sehgal

Ms. Sehgal, M.A, is the long-time Program Coordinator for the CAPS International Core’s research and training activities and is responsible for assisting Drs. Rutherford and Mandel in the day-to-day administration and logistical aspects of the core. Ms. Sehgal consults with the Co-Directors and Regional Coordinators, as well as with CAPS scientists and fellows, I-TAPS alumni, and medical and public health graduate students, on setting up international subcontracts, hiring and managing overseas personnel, planning and managing international budgets, procurement of equipment and supplies, assisting with visa and travel arrangements, planning for the establishment of local institutional review boards (FWA’s), and transferring funds to overseas research sites. She gathers and tracks the productivity of International Core faculty and research associates, e.g., publications, presentations, grant applications, consultations provided, etc. She co-teaches, along with Dr. Mandel, seminars on the logistics of international research project management. She assists with ongoing correspondence with the I-TAPS alumni network and other international collaborating scientists and institutions, and assists in the planning of presentations by visitors to CAPS. Ms. Sehgal devotes 6.0 Cal. Mo’s to the International Core.

Last modified: October 27, 2014