Lauren Wong, PhD, MPH

Lauren Wong, PhD, MPH, is originally from San Diego and completed her doctorate in the Social Psychology from the Department of Psychology at UCLA with an emphasis in health psychology and quantitative analysis. Dr. Wong’s interest in HIV began prior to graduate school while working with an international public health NGO that had projects with HIV orphans in Ethiopia and maternal education programs in Guatemala. During her time at UCLA she completed many international and domestic projects including studies examining: the correlates and consequences of HIV disclosure in South Africa; the effects of perceived stigma and prejudice on coping strategies and mental health for female survivors of sexual assault in South Africa; laboratory work examining stereotype threat and perceptions of stigma; and psychological well-being among pregnant women at risk for preterm birth and partner violence in the US. She completed a Master’s in Public Health at UC Berkeley during her first year of TAPS training. Dr. Wong’s areas of interest include HIV research as it intersects with gender, violence, trauma, stigmatization, social support, and disclosure in the context of global health.  [Completes training June 30, 2015]

Last modified: December 4, 2014