John A. Sauceda, PhD

  • TAPS Fellow

Dr. Sauceda is originally from Texas, where he earned his doctoral degree in health psychology from the University of Texas at El Paso.  En route to his PhD, he also completed a Masters degree in clinical psychology and a certificate in quantitative methods. During the first year as a TAPS fellow he completed a Masters degree in global health sciences at UCSF. His primary research interests are quantitative methods to explore the relationships between mental health and HIV treatment outcomes in Latinos.

Dr. Sauceda’s has previously helped conduct an RCT testing a culturally adapted evidence-based intervention to assess and treat depression and improve medication nonadherence in Latinos living on the U.S.-Mexico Border.   He has also published work on the barriers and facilitators of medication adherence that include childhood abuse, depression, prospective memory and resilience, as well as issues related to HIV-related stigma and clinical assessment of mood disorders in Latinos.  Dr. Sauceda current work focuses on modeling trajectories over time of HIV treatment outcomes as a function of depression and substance use in a national cohort of Latinos engaged in HIV primary care.  He is also working on a HRSA SPNS initiative promoting testing and linking Latinos living with HIV into medical care in the U.S.  Moving forward, he plans to explore cultural and linguistic behavioral and biomedical treatment models that address health disparities in HIV primary care, as well as explore assessment issues and culture in global mental health.  [Completes training June 29, 2016]

Last modified: August 26, 2014