Hong-Ha Truong, PhD, MS, MPH

Hong-Ha Truong PhD MS MPHI am pursuing a multi-disciplinary research program that bridges HIV risk behavior, virology and epidemiology. My line of research encompasses the biological and behavior aspects of HIV transmission, with a focus on the detection of acute and recent HIV-1 infection and the surveillance of transmitted antiretroviral drug resistance.

Bridging scientific innovation to public health action, I coordinated the establishment of an antiretroviral drug resistance and acute HIV infection surveillance system in San Francisco. I have led research on serosorting among MSM as a HIV prevention strategy and conduct research on sexual HIV risk factors among high-risk minority women, transmission of HIV in individuals with acute retroviral syndrome and their source partners, and the social and psychological context of acute HIV infection. I also serve as a consultant providing technical assistance for the CDC Global AIDS Program.

Research interests

HIV/AIDS epidemiology, acute and recent HIV surveillance, antiretroviral drug resistance transmission, HIV/STD prevention, molecular epidemiology

Current research


  • 2006, Fellow (Medicine), University of California , San Francisco
  • 2000, Ph.D (Pathobiology), University of Washington
  • 1995, M.S. (Epidemiology), University of California Los Angeles
  • 1993, M.P.H. (Community Health Sciences), UCLA
  • 1991, B.S (Psychobiology), UCLA, Los Angeles, CA


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Last modified: October 27, 2014