Edwin Duncan Charlebois III, PhD, MPH

Edwin Charlebois III PhDResearch interests

HIV, epidemiology, biostatistics, prevention, policy, clinical trials, medication adherence, Tuberculosis, Malaria, co-infection, operations research, stigma, antibiotic resistance, Methicillin-Resistant Staph. aureus (MRSA)

Current research


  • 2005-Present, Faculty, (AIDS/HIV Research), University of California San Francisco, CAPS
  • 1995-1997, Fellowship, (AIDS/HIV Research), University of California San Francisco, Center for AIDS Prevention Studies
  • 1994-1998, PhD (Epidemiology), University of California Berkeley
  • 1988-1990, MPH (Epidemiolgy – Biostatistics), University of California Berkeley
  • 1979-1984, BA (Genetics), University of California Berkeley


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