Adam Carrico, PhD

Adam Carrico PhD

I am building a program of community-engaged, clinical research to optimize the effectiveness of HIV treatment as prevention (TasP) among marginalized, underserved populations living with HIV/AIDS. My efforts to pursue this program of research are supported by my clinical research examining the efficacy of psychological interventions for HIV-positive men who have sex with men (MSM) and documenting HIV-related health disparities among stimulant (i.e., cocaine, crack, and methamphetamine) users. Currently, I am conducting a series of studies to develop and pilot test psychological interventions to address the co-occurring, intertwined epidemics of stimulant use and HIV/AIDS among MSM.

Please see this article to learn more about the work of Dr. Carrico.

Research interests

Substance Abuse, Emotion Regulation, Trauma, HIV-Related Health Disparities, and Behavioral Interventions to Optimize HIV/AIDS Prevention.

Current research


  • 2008, Fellow (Reproductive Infectious Disease), UCSF
  • 2006, Fellow (Health Psychology), UCSF
  • 2006, PhD (Clinical-Health Psychology), University of Miami
  • 2006, Intern (Behavioral Medicine), VA Palo Alto Healthcare System
  • 2003, MS (Clinical-Health Psychology), University of Miami
  • 2000, BS (Psychology), Loyola University Chicago


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