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The following games are excerpted from the African-American Men’s Health Study Facilitator Training Manual.

The Sex Game, or “AIDS Jeopardy”

Ok, let’s continue with the workshop. In this part of the workshop, we want to talk about how you can be exposed to the AIDS virus through unsafe sex and through using drugs. One is at greatest risk of infection with the AIDS virus when he has unprotected anal sex or shares unclean needles when “shooting up”. To help us get into this session, I like us to form two teams to play the Sex Game. The purpose of the Sex Game is to see which team has the most information about unsafe sex and risky drug use. I would like you to split the workshop group into two groups – one group will be the OJs and the other team will be the Temptations. Then I will pull a card from an envelop with the name of a sex act on it. Each team will have a chance to answer which category from low-, high- and uncertain risk sex that a sexual act falls in. Each team will have 30 seconds to decide which answer is correct before time is called. If the team’s answer is correct, the team will get 5 points; if the team’s answer is wrong, they don’t receive any points. At the end of the game, the team with the most points wins and the team will receive a prize. Are there any questions ? (Answer workshop members’ questions if there are any and then begin the game and allow 10 minutes before ending).

The Condom Game

Now we will talk about how to use condoms (rubbers) during HOT safe sex because no matter how HOT you can make safe sex, it is useless if you do not know how to correctly use a condom. To begin this part of the session, first, we will see the Black Safe Sex Video then we will practice how to use a rubber by playing the “Condom Game”.

Ok, now let’s see how well we know how to use a condom. I will give each person a dildoe and a rubber. After we have a practice session, we will have a condom race to see who can put the condom on correctly in the least amount of time. I know you won’t be racing to put it on before sex, but the better you can do it before sex the easier and quicker you will be able to do it in the heat of passion. There will be a prize for the person who is the winner of the condom game. Let’s have our practice round first. (Handout dildoes and condoms). Does everyone have a condom and dildoe? (Demonstrate use of condom with group following alone. As participants model your actions, have them to put the dildoe between their legs in order to be able to put condom on efficiently).

Are there any questions before the condom game ? (Answer any questions and the begin the “Condom Game”).

Facilitate this part of session by carefully watching participants to be sure they are using the condom correctly and after the game, point out tips that workshop members’ used that were helpful. Answer any questions participants may have. Stop this exercise after approximately 10 minutes and have the workshop members’ do their checkout with their buddy).

Last modified: January 19, 2011