Susan Kegeles, PhD

Susan Kegeles PhD

I am Co-Director of CAPS, the Center for AIDS Prevention Studies. CAPS and the Division of Prevention Science, Department of Medicine are separate but overlapping entities. Some of my university service is focused on CAPS, which spans divisions, departments and schools within UCSF, and some is specifically focused on the Division. As CAPS Co-Director, I help run the Center, and have been doing so since 2002 (I have been at CAPS since it first began). I am also Director of the CAPS Developmental Core, which entails overseeing weekly Town Hall meetings, our Peer Review System, our Innovative Grants program, and our Mentoring system. In addition, I am Co-Director, along with Dr. Willi McFarland, of our postdoctoral training program (TAPS), funded by NIMH (I am PI).

In addition, I am also very involved in community service as it relates to HIV/AIDS prevention. I developed an HIV/AIDS prevention intervention for young gay/bisexual men through two randomized, controlled trials of it, which involved working with six communities (ie., their local and state health departments and AIDS community-based organizations). Since young gay/bisexual remain the group at highest risk for HIV infection in the US, after the intervention was found to be effective, CBOs and health departments began contacting me for help in implementing the intervention at their sites. I realized that I would be of greatest service in helping organizations use my intervention if I began conducting research on how to translate research into practice, and now frequently consult with the CDC in their efforts to disseminate evidence-based HIV prevention interventions. Through this work, I have been working with 72 CBOs and health departments across the U.S., have trained hundreds of individuals in the intervention, and have provided assistance to CBOs from four other countries. My strategy of conducting research in this area also enables me to provide help to all CBOs that contact me or my team for any assistance on the intervention.

Research interests

HIV/AIDS, HIV prevention, social/behavioral issues in health promotion/disease prevention, young gay/bisexual men, gay men, African American men who have sex with men (MSM), risk reduction, community-level interventions, translating research to practice, community-based organizations, Latin American men who have sex with men (MSM), youth and HIV prevention, community-based research, implementation research

Current research


  • 1984, PhD (Social Psychology), University of California, Berkeley, CA
  • 1980, M.A, University of California, Berkeley, CA
  • 1976, B.A (Psychology), Summa Cum Laude, University of Colorado
    1972, University of Hartford, Hartford, CT


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