2010 International AIDS Conference

CAPS Presentations – 2010 International AIDS Conference, Vienna, Austria

Monday, July 19, 2010

Author(s) Title
Anya Sarang HIV, drug policy and harm reduction
Edwin Charlebois, et al Mugerwa: Key adaptations for home-based HIV testing to reach men and school children: lessons learned in Uganda
Edwin Charlebois, et al Results of a randomized controlled trial of home-based versus TB clinic-based HIV voluntary counseling and testing for family and household members of TB evaluation patients in Uganda
Steve Gibson, Wayne Steward, et al Creating a community center as a structural intervention to promote sexual health among gay men in San Francisco.
Janet Ikeda Impact of integrating an ART clinic into a regional tuberculosis hospital in rural Guatemala
Su-Su Liao Female condom use among sex workers in rural China: who are the users?
Purnima Madhivanan Acceptability of medical male circumcision among men at high HIV risk in Pune, India
Ariane van der Straten, et al Provision of flavored condoms to women in an HIV prevention trial in Southern Africa: acceptability and uptake
Ariane van der Straten, et al Change in barrier method use after an HIV prevention trial in Zimbabwe
Ariane van der Straten, et al Women’s empowerment? Contradictory reports of female autonomy towards female-initiated HIV prevention methods in Zimbabwe
Sherri Weiser, et al Food insecurity and morbidity among HIV-infected persons accessing antiretroviral therapy (ART) in rural Uganda
Marie Claude Couture Amphetamine-type stimulant use increases HIV risk among young women engaged in sex work in Phnom Penh (oral presentation- link to slides)

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Author(s) Title
Sheri Lippman, et al The Encontros project: a successful multi-level STI/HIV intervention to improve condom use, reduce STIs, and change the social environment among sex workers in Brazil (oral presentation- link to slides)
Gabriel Chamie, Edwin Charlebois,et al TB microbiologic and clinical outcomes in a randomized trial of immediate vs CD4 initiated antiretroviral therapy (ART) in HIV+ adults with high CD4 cell counts
Esra Alkhasawneh Young Jordanian knowledge of HIV and their attitudes towards sexually transmitted infections: A national survey
Esra Alkhasawneh, Willi McFarland Jordanian perspectives on HIV prevention: a survey of women and men
Emily Arnold, David Williams, Desmon Pierceson, Susan Kegeles Social networks and social support to reduce HIV-related risk behavior for young African American men who have sex with men (YAAMSM)
Debbie Bain Brickley Interventions to improve adherence to antiretroviral therapy (ART) in infants, children and adolescents: a systematic review
Carlos Caceres The formulation of HIV-related proposals to the Global Fund: Contrasting intentions with realities: The Peru GHIN study
Adam Carrico Psychiatric risk factors for HIV disease progression: the role of inconsistent patterns of anti-retroviral therapy utilization
Alfred Chingono, Sebastian Kevany, Starley Shade, Steve
Risk factors for multiple partnerships in a high-prevalence HIV setting: findings from project accept (HPTN-043)
Megan Comfort, Janet Myers, Kim Koester, Kelly Knight, P Bourgois, Olga Grinstead HIV risk among male prisoners, formerly incarcerated men, and their female partners
Maria Ekstrand Blame and HIV misconceptions are associated with endorsement of coercive policies and intent to discriminate against PLHAs in two urban sites in India: Implications for stigma reduction interventions
Colleen Hoff, Deepalika Charavarty, Lynae Darbes, Sean Beougher, Tor Neilands Should HIV prevention interventions target the couple or the individual? Predictors of sexual risk behavior over
time among gay male couples
Susan Kegeles, Greg Rebchook, Dave Huebner, John Peterson, Lance Pollack, Robert Williams Social oppression – homophobia and racism-and socioeconomic distress as determinants of unprotected anal intercourse among young U.S. black gay/bisexual men (YBG/BM)
Sebastian Kevany Risk factors for multiple partnerships in a high-prevalence HIV setting: Findings from Project Accept (HPTN-043)
Andre Maiorana, Janet Myers, Greg Rebchook, et al Assessing the feasibility and acceptability of the Mpowerment Project (MP), an evidence-based HIV community-level prevention intervention (EBI) developed in the US for gay men, in Barbados
Isabel Melgar HIV risk behavior among urban professionals in the Philippines
Tor Neilands, Deepalika Chakravarty, Lynae Darbes, Sean Beougher, Dave Huebner, Colleen Hoff Preventing HIV infections by understanding the role of sexual agreements: validation of the sexual agreement efficacy and communication scale
Sansothy Neth, Kimberly Page Effect of amphetamine type substance use on the accessing and utilization of HIV clinical care among young high risk women participating in the Cambodian Young Women’s Health Study
Elise Riley, K. Moore, Jim Sorensen, Jackie Tulsky, David Bangsberg, Tor Neilands The health impact of basic subsistence and addiction on HIV-infected women living in the United States
Hong-Ha Truong, et al Sexual risk behavior during international travel associated with partner type and HIV status
Ariane van der Straten, et al Intimate partner violence and nonadherence to male condoms and the diaphragm among women in an HIV prevention trial in Sub-Saharan Africa
Maria Amelia Veras AIDS mortality disparities in the era following Brazil’s declaration of ART as a universal right
Erin Wilson, S. Pant, Megan Comfort, Maria Ekstrand Stigma and HIV risk among transgender women, or Metis, in Nepal
Ligia Kerr, et al MSM in Brazil: baseline national data for prevalence of HIV (oral presentation- link to slides)

Wednesday, July 21,  2010

Sean Beougher, Colleen Hoff The couple as context: relationship characteristics, sexual agree-ments, and concerns about HIV among Latino gay male couples
Carlos Caceres Non-conforming gender identification as determinant of lower HIV care access among people living with HIV in Peru: the HIV, economic flows and globalization study
Marguerita Lightfoot, et al. Jobs two years later among marginalized, Ugandan young people following HIV prevention and vocational training
Elise Riley, Sherri Weiser, M. Chartier, Adam Carrico Street homelessness and stimulant use disorders are independently associated with HAART utilization among HIV-infected indigent adults
R. Stall, Willi McFarland, F. Raymond, G. Colfax, Hong-Ha Truong Do risk behaviors of HIV-positive MSM present a risk for hepatitis C transmission?
Janet Turan, et al Provider perspectives on integration of HIV care and treatment into antenatal care in rural Kenya: a qualitative interview study
Sherri Weiser, et al HIV-related stigma and food insecurity among men and women accessing ART in rural Uganda
William Woods, Diane Binson, Lance Pollack, Nicolas Sheon Dynamic prevention programs in gay bathhouse more likely under non-regulatory policies
Marguerita Lightfoot Predictors of heterosexual anal sex for at-risk adolescents in the US
Maria Ekstrand Suboptimal adherence associated with virologic failure and resistance mutations among patients on 1st line HAART in Bangalore, India (oral presentation- link to slides)
Ellen Stein, MC Couture, Neth Sansothy, Kimberly Page, et al “It makes us dare to do what we did not dare to do before”: Amphetamine-type stimulant use and HIV/STI risk behavior among young female sex workers in Phnom Penh, Cambodia (oral presentation- link to slides)

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Carlos Caceres Combination HIV prevention: Moving from debate to action
Diane Binson, William J. Woods, Lance Pollack, Johnny Blair An enhanced ACASI method reduces non-response to sexual behavior items
Adam Carrico, Edwin Charlebois, et al Demographic characteristics are associated with uptake of clinic-based voluntary counseling and testing among household members of TB evaluation patients in Uganda
Deepalika Chakravarty, Tor Neilands, Lynae Darbes, et al HIV-testing among gay male couples in the presence of exposure to HIV.
Maziel Giron Viela Men having sex with men (MSM) and HIV/AIDS in Peru: addressing new research and prevention efforts
Phoebe Kajubi Trends in HIV/AIDS risk behavior among young men in peri-urban Kampala
Tor Neilands, et al Retention in care among HIV-infected patients receiving antiretroviral therapy in Africa: what a sampling based approach can tell us
Kimberly Page, Ellen Stein Marie-Claude Couture, et al The Cambodian Anti-Trafficking Law: Implications for community-based sex worker HIV prevention, care and research
Paulo Telles Dias Fertile outcomes from the crossover between prevention and care services and research among people who inject drugs (PWID), still not translated into much policy change.
Yi Yang Attempted suicide and associated factors among people living with HIV / AIDS in Guangdong, China

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