2009 NHPC

2009 National HIV Prevention Conference

Booth featuring CAPS, CoE for Transgender HIV Prevention, Mpowerment and Transitions

  • Michael Arnold PhD, MPH, MSW. Assessing Economic Factors Relevant to HIV Risk Behavior among Lower Income Heterosexuals in San Francisco.
  • Deepalika Chakravarty MS. Differences in Risk Among Gay Couples with Monogamous, Non-monogamous and Discrepant Sexual Agreements.
  • Kyung-Hee Choi PhD MPH. A Network Intervention is Feasible to Implement and Promotes Female Condoms among Ethnically-Diverse U.S. Women.
  • Lynae Darbes PhD. Implications of Differential Definitions of HIV Risk Behavior Outcomes for Gay Men.
  • Moupali Das-Douglas MD, MPH. Geographic and Clinical Correlates of San Franciscans Virologically Most at Risk for HIV Transmission.
  • Luis Gutierrez-Mock MA. Transgender MAP Quest: Guiding CBOs’ Transgender EBI Adaptations with the CDC’s Map of Adaptation Process.
  • Carolyn Hunt MPA, Greg Rebchook PhD, Paul Cotten, Luis Gutierrez-Mock MA, Joanne Keatley MSW. Roundtable: The Art and Science of Technology Exchange: Center for AIDS Prevention Studies Case Studies.
  • Carolyn Hunt MPA. Roundtable: Promoting Synergy Between Science and Program: Five Research Center-based Models.
  • JoAnne Keatley MSW. Implementing the Center of Excellence for Transgender HIV Prevention: Challenges and Lessons Learned.
  • Susan Kegeles PhD. Exploring the Role of Faith-Based Organizations (FBOs) in HIV Prevention for Young Black MSM (YBMSM).
  • Susan Kegeles PhD. Fidelity and Adaptation in Community-Based Organizations’ Implementation of an Evidence-Based Intervention for Diverse Young MSM.
  • Megan Lewis PhD, George Ayala PsyD, Lynae Darbes PhD. Roundtable: Dyadic Interventions to Advance HIV prevention: The Promise for Research.
  • Marguerita Lightfoot PhD. Adaptation and Innovation in a Family of Evidence-based Interventions for Homeless, At-risk, and HIV-positive Youth.
  • Marguerita Lightfoot PhD. Developing and Implementing a Computerized HIV/STI Prevention Intervention for High-risk Youth.
  • Andre Maiorana MA, MPH. Impact of Prevention with Positives Interventions on Disclosure Practices Among Patients in Medical Care Settings.
  • Andre Maiorana MA, MPH. Poster: Will Proven-effective HIV Intervention for Populations in the US Work for Women in St. Kitts?
  • Greg Rebchook PhD. Helping Community-based Organizations (CBOs) Implement an Evidence-based, HIV-prevention Intervention with Fidelity.
  • Greg Rebchook PhD. Barriers and Facilitators to Outcome Monitoring of Community-Level Interventions.
  • Lydia A. Sausa PhD, MSEd. Best Practices for HIV Prevention Among Transgender People: Training Health Care & Social Service Providers.
  • Jae Sevelius PhD. Serving Transgender Clients in California: A Resource Inventory and Service Gap Analysis.
  • Yavante Thomas-Guess. SISTA, Are You Down with the “T”? – Adapting SISTA for Transgender Populations.
  • William Woods PhD. The Presence of HIV Testing in a Bathhouse has Limited Influence on Risk Behavior.

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