2006 International AIDS Conference

CAPS presentations at the 2006 International AIDS Conference, Toronto, Canada

Oral Presentations

Carrillo, H. International migration and HIV risk among Mexican gay men

Debbie Bain-Brickley, Annette Sohn. Qualitative study of the challenges to seeking health care among HIV-positive pregnant women in Ho Chi Minh City

Lindan C., Ekstrand M., Mathur M., Hernandez A., B., Moncada J., Klausner J., Borges L., Jerajani H. The impact of a randomized controlled trial of an STI/behavioral prevention intervention on HIV and STI incidence among high risk men in Mumbai, India

Weiser SD, Leiter K, Heisler M, Percy-de Korte F, Zakhe H, DeMonner S, Tlou S, Phaladze N, Iacopino V, Bangsberg DR. Food insufficiency predicts high risk-sexual behavior among women but not men in Southern Africa.

Wolfe WR, Weiser SD, Leiter K, Percy-de Korte F, Steward W, Phaladze N, Iacopino V, Heisler M. Impact of Universal Access to Antiretroviral Therapy on HIV Stigma in Botswana.

Percy-de Korte F, Weiser SD, Leiter K, De Korte D, Wolfe WR, Phaladze N, Iacopino V, Heisler M. Experiences of People Living With AIDS (PLWA) following enrollment in the Botswana National Treatment Programme (BNTP).

Leiter K, Weiser SD, Heisler M, Percy-de Korte F, DeMonner S, Phaladze N, Dandu M, Iacopino V. Gender discriminatory beliefs are associated with vulnerability to HIV among men and women in Botswana.

Truong HM, Kellogg T, Klausner J, Katz M, Knapper K, Chen S, Prabhu R, Louie B, Grant R, McFarland W. HIV serosorting? Increases in sexually transmitted diseases and risk behavior without concurrent increases in HIV incidence among men who have sex with men in San Francisco


Foster M, Kegeles S, Rebchook G. Attitudinal Facilitators Associated with Using Evidence-Based Models for HIV/AIDS Prevention at Black Community-Based Organizations.
Hoff CC. Darbes L, Ramos-Soto E, Neilands T. Using Qualitative Data to Inform Scale Development: The Sexual Agreement Quality Scale.

Hoff CC, Han L, Ramos-Soto E, Neilands T, Darbes L. Prevention for Gay Couples: Serostatus and Agreements about Non-main Sex Partners.
Steward WT, Ramakrishna J, Herek GM, Bharat S, Chandy S, Wrubel J, Huebner DM, Singh G, Ekstrand ML. Developing culturally-specific AIDS stigma scales for use in India
Steward WT, Myers JJ, Shade S, Livermore S, Truax SR, Morin SF. HIV testing referrals in California outreach interventions are not reaching high-risk populations.

Darbes L et al. Motivations for participating in Couples-based Voluntary Counseling and Testing (CBVCT) in Soweto, South Africa (based on qualitative data from heterosexual couples in South Africa)

Darbes L et al. Implications of ignoring relationship and partner HIV serostatus when examining HIV risk behavior outcomes for men who have sex with men

Neilands T, Darbes L, Ramos-Soto E, Han L, Huebner D, Hoff C. Preventing new HIV infections through the understanding of sexual agreements: Validation of the Sexual Agreement Quality Scale

Ekstrand M., Chandy S. Gandhi M., Steward W., Singh G. “Sometimes I just run out”: Delays in prescription refills as a risk for the development of HIV drug resistance in India.

Martinez, A. Criminal justice involvement and HIV risk among urban poor injection drug users in San Francisco, CA
Telles P, Page-Shafer K. The impact of multi-session counseling in the acceptance of the female condom among vulnerable populations in Brazil

Phlong Pisith, Jenne Roberts, Soleak Sim, Jenna Grant, Ellen Stein, Vohith Khol, Vonthanak Saphonn, Penh Sun Ly, Chhi Vun Meanm John Kaldor, Kimberly Page-Shafer. HIV Prevention using tenofovir: community participation in the formative phase of a HIV prevention trial in Cambodia

Ramos M.C., Calvetti P.U., Erno H., Muller M.C., Moikovics J.M., Page-Shafer K., Rutherford G.W. Distant learning education (DLE) for STD/HIV/AIDS prevention research methods for health professionals in Porto Alegre, Brazil

Barbara Allen, Geneva Bell-Sanford, Matt Facer, Barbara Green-Ajufo, Jeffrey Klausner, Christopher Krawczyk, George Lemp, Martin Lynch, Willi McFarland, Fred Molitor, Scott Morrow, Kimberly Page-Shafer, and Juan Ruiz, for the California Hey Man Study, U.S.A. Point estimates from a population-based survey for multiple partners, unprotected vaginal and anal intercourse with main, casual, and anonymous partners, and prevalence of HIV and other sexually transmitted infections among young men: the California HEYMan study

Choi K, Ning Z, Gregorich S, Pan Q. Social and sexual network characteristics are associated with HIV risk among men who have sex with men (MSM) in Shanghai, China

Choi, K. Protected Sex among Ethnically-Diverse Women Attending Family Planning Clinics

Weiser SD, Bangsberg DR,Dilworth S, Cohen J, Riley ED. The prevalence of mental illness among homeless and marginally housed HIV-infected individuals in San Francico.

Leiter K, Weiser SD, Heisler M, Percy-de Korte F, DeMonner S, Hlanze Z, Tuller D, Maseko S, Wolfe W, Iacopino V. Health and human rights dimensions of HIV/AIDS and their policy implications in Swaziland.

LW Chang, GE Kennedy, S Weiser, L Butler, J Wendt, D Operario, J Wise, T Horvath, R Bunnell, J Lule, J Kaplan, GW Rutherford, J Mermin.Creating guidelines for a prevention and care package for persons living with HIV/AIDS in Africa: What is the evidence base?

Elise D. Riley, David Guzman, Sheri Weiser, Richard Clark, and David R. Bangsberg. History of Depression, but not Schizophrenia or Manic Episodes, is Associated with Early ART Discontinuation among the HIV+ Homeless and Marginally Housed.

Panicker S., McGuire M., Anand V., Sivasubramaniam M., Khan U., Ekstrand M., Jerajani H., Lindan C. Male Sex Workers in Mumbai, India: An un-acknowledged Bridge Population?

McGuire M., Satpute A., Kundu S., Hernandez A., Panicker S., Mathur M., Jerajani H., Lindan C. Reaching Migrant Workers for Prevention Services: A “Chai-walla” outreach effort in Mumbai, India

Hernandez A., Yu M., Khan U., Kundu S., McGuire M., Ekstrand M., Jerajani H., Lindan C. Successes and challenges in recruiting participants into a study of a behavioral intervention for HIV prevention in Mumbai, India

McGuire, Megan. Development of an ethical committee for a community based organization in Mumbai, India

Nemoto, Tooru et al. Substance abuse and HIV risk behaviors among transgender women in the San Francisco Bay area, USA

Nemoto, Tooru et al. Individual and system level health promotion project for Asian female sex workers in San Francisco, USA

Huebner D.M., Binson D., Woods W., Dillworth S., Neilands T., Grinstead O. Bathhouse-based voluntary counseling and testing is feasible and shows preliminary evidence of effectiveness

Huebner D.M., Binson D., Pollack L., Woods W. Voluntary counseling and testing (VCT) can be implemented in bathhouses without affecting patronage

Mackenzie, Dawson-Rose, Pearson, Knight and Gomez. Community agencies and their link to HIV prevention: Service provider and peer perspectives on peer involvement

Dawson-Rose, Myers, Koester, Maiorana, Morin. Predictors of alcohol and drug use in HIV-infected individuals in care in the US

Kimberly Koester, Andre Maiorana, Karen Vernon, Janet Myers, Carol Dawson Rose, Stephen Morin. What does it take to integrate HIV prevention and care?

Donohoe T., Bernstein M., Reyes M., Shoptaw S., Freese T., Newton T. HIV-infected methamphetamine-using patients: training clinicians to improve health outcomes

Bernstein M., Lurie S., Reyes M. Building HIV provider capacity for serving infected transgender populations: a train-the-trainer model

Donohoe T., Mandel N., Bernstein M., Pacheco H., Bradley-Springer L., Reyes M., Barkin A. The US/Mexico border AIDS education and training center (AETC) steering team (UMBAST) HIV border resource directory

Raymond HF, Chen S, Truong HM, Riggs J, Knapper K, Klausner J, Choi KH, McFarland W. Disaster averted? Trends in sexually transmitted diseases, sexual risk behavior and HIV infection among Asian/Pacific Islander men who have sex with men, San Francisco, 1999-2004

Myers J., Bacon O., Vezina R., Rodnick J. Using web-based patient vignettes to measure HIV clinical training effectiveness

Morin S., Myers J., Dawson Rose C., Malitz F., Koester K., Maiorana A., Shade S., Eldred L. Predicting HIV transmission risk among patients enrolled in the US health resources and services administration’s (HRSA) HIV prevention with HIV-infected Individuals seen in clinical settings initiative

Morfit S., Stanton J., Wilson W., Kirkendale S., Frohlich J., Morin S. Assessing community involvement in HIV prevention research: process, results, and application of findings

To K, Vezina R, Bernstein M, Myers J, Reyes EM, Morin S. Evaluating HIV/AIDS clinical trainers’ professional development

Myers J, Livermore S, Sitter K, Steward W, Shade S, Truax S, Morin S. Using a statewide data system to enhance HIV prevention programs

Lane T, McIntyre J, Morin S. High-risk sex among black MSM in South Africa: Results from the Gauteng MSM survey

Lane T, McIntyre J, Morin S. HIV testing and stigma among black South African MSM.

Charlebois ED, Srikantiah P, Lin R, Walusimbi M, Okwera A, Whalen C, Boom H, Havlir D. Factors influencing acceptability of family-based HIV counseling and testing for tuberculosis evaluation subjects in Uganda

Charlebois ED, Steward WT, Morin SF, NIMH Healthy Living Project Study Group. Formal and informal HIV transmission risk reduction strategies among 3,818 HIV infected persons in 4 cities in the United States

Conference CD-Rom

DeCarlo P, Warren M, Adler N, Goldstein E, Arjona M, Bernstein J, Stumbo S, Grinstead O. Delivering research findings to NGOs using HIV prevention fact sheets

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