Research Archive – 2003

To read about these projects, please see the combined 2003 Research Portfolioin PDF format.

Basic Science/Clinical

  • Solid Organ Transplantation in HIV: Multi-Site Study (Stock, Roland)


  • Career Coping (Johnson)


  • CHIS – HIV-Related Behavioral Surveillance and Seroprevalence Estimates Among Gay and Bisexual Men in California: A 2001 California Health Interview Survey Re-Interview (Catania)
  • Human Herpesvirus 8 Infection and Kaposi’s Sarcoma Among Homosexual Men in the US (Osmond, Martin)

Evaluation/Technical Assistance

  • Berkeley, Alameda & Sonoma Evaluation Study (BASES) (Grinstead, Binson)
  • Community Mobilization of Out-of-Treatment Injecting Drug Users (Gibson)
  • Evaluating California’s Non-Name HIV Reporting System (Morin)
  • Evaluating HIV Prevention Interventions for High-Risk Asian and Pacific Islander Men Who Have Sex with Men (Nemoto)
  • HIV Translation Research with Young, Black, Same Gender Loving Men (Kegeles)
  • Prevention with Positives Evaluation Center (Morin)
  • Process Analysis of HIV Counseling and Testing (PACT) (Sheon)


  • Prevention Needs among HIV Positive Men in Mumbai, India (Ekstrand)


  • Country AIDS Policy Analysis Project (Morin)

Prevention with Positives

  • Challenges in HIV/AIDS Treatment (CHAT) (Crosby)
  • Seropositive Urban Men’s Intervention Trial (Gomez)

Primary Prevention

  • Condom Skills Building Intervention in STD Clinic Waiting Rooms (Greenwood, Klausner)
  • Drug Abuse Treatment for Male-to-Female Transgenders (Nemoto)
  • High Volume Needle Exchange to Avert New Infections (Gibson)
  • Intergenerational HIV Prevention Initiative for Latina Women (Gomez)
  • Providing Prevention: An Intervention for HIV Medical Providers (Dawson Rose)

Risk Behavior

  • Exploring the Cultural and Social Context of HIV Risk among Filipinos in San Francisco (Operario
  • HIV Prevention for Young, Black, Same Gender Loving Men (Kegeles)
  • HIV Risk Behaviors among MTF Transgenders of Color (Nemoto)
  • Project ÒRÉ Part 1: The Neighborhood Adolescent Crowd Study (Dolcini)


  • Determinants of Smoking Among Gay and Lesbian Youth (Greenwood)
  • Smoking Intervention with Diverse LGBT Communities (Greenwood)

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