2002 Conference Posters

Posters from the 2002 CAPS Conference:
Addressing HIV Prevention in Context

The following posters were presented at the 2002 CAPS Conference. All posters are in PDF format.

Seropositive Urban Men’s Intervention Trial

An Intervention to Increase Adherence to HIV-Antiretroviral Therapy (ART) among Alcohol and Drug Users: The Challenges in HIV/AIDS Treatment (CHAT) Study

Systematic Reviews of HIV Behavioral Prevention Research in U.S. Minority Populations

HIV Prevention for Positives in the Clinical Setting

Does Sex Influence HIV Viral Load?

Some Observations Concerning the Contrary Evidence of Syringe Exchange Effectiveness

The Mpowerment Project: Putting HIV prevention research about young gay/bisexual men into practice

The Positive Partners Study of HIV-1 Superinfection

The Unity Project: A Multi-site Clinical Trial of a Health-Related Intervention for People Living with HIV

From Venus to Voice: Positive Prevention for HIV+ Injection Drug Users

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